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Công ty cổ phần công nghệ OCG


Cloud Game Entertainment

Intelligent games on television using cloud technology are provided only with the MyTV Interactive Television service provided by VNPT. Cloud games with abundant titles such as genres, abundant content, 3D images, live shows are one of the entertainment needs of all families.

In addition to MyTV TV, Cloud Game is now available for applications like Vinabox, Vinaphone TV.

You can check the latest content on the following website:  http://game.ocg.vn


Goocus (Multi-device intelligent learning management solution)

The latest learning management solution using cloud computing Users can study / test anytime anywhere. With Smart Device like PC / iPad / Smartphone, Goocus allows teachers to update their contents and visually monitor learner progress of learners. In addition, Goocus enables interactive communication between learners and teacher / content managers.




Smart Education

NTT East’s smart educational system is one of the most highly regarded systems in the world and is applied in many Japanese schools. This solution consists of the following five solutions. 1. School management and product management 2. Self learning system 3. Latest IT education tool 4. Application 5. Support staff system.
In particular, NTT Vietnam and OCG provide solutions and content related to educational activities, VNPT provides school management systems and products, IT support staff.


Settlement solution online (payment platform)