Brainy games launched on Cloud Game service

After more than 2 years on MyTV, Cloud Game, a wholesome and rewarding entertainment service, officially offers a whole new package: Brainy Games. This is a program for children who are eager to learn, love to explore and want to challenge their intelligence through a huge collection of multiple-choice questions in all fields such as Math, Vietnamese, English, or Science.

A wholesome playground for the mind

With the desire to create a mental playground for children, Cloud Game service on MyTV launched the program of Brainy Games. All subscribers of MyTV can join this game when accessing Cloud Game service. In particular, the program also offers the first month free of charge for first-time user, and customers only have to pay 10,000 VND/month for the following months (not including VAT).

The brainy game hosts a wide range of multiple choice questions in all fields such as Math, Vietnamese, English, or Science …. The questions are also divided into many levels from easy to difficult for the children to practice and improve over time. When playing brainy games, children are given the opportunity to hone their knowledge at school to answer questions and be given a score to evaluate their own abilities. True/ False results will be announced immediately after answering the question. At the end of the game, there will be a notice of the number of correct answers out of the total number of answers.

Not only is it a place for children to practice through answering questions but it also has its own appeal. Brainy Games regularly organizes competitions to select the person with the highest score in each field. The person with the highest score has many opportunities to receive gifts from Cloud Game services.

The preferential information of “intellectual games”:

  • Free first month for first-time user
  • Customers using the program from the second month or more will receive a game console 150,000 VND.
  • Customers have the opportunity to receive a Samsung phone worth 6 million VND if they become the 15,000th customer to register for the program.