Learning in Japanese way

Learning in Japanese way – an educational application for children aged 3-10 will be launched for the first time on Cloud Game service of MyTV television. With friendly visuals and interesting content, Learning in Japanese way is an indispensable playground for children for mental workout.

Learning in Japanese way with 4 contents of different topics: Multiplication to 10, What color is it?, Guess the Country Flags, What time is it? will help children practice their thinking, improve their computation & memorization abilities.

Summation to 10

A fun game for kids to practice addition within 10 with cute jellyfish. The numbers are written on the jellyfish will be added horizontally or vertically to get a total of 10. When the kid answers correctly, the selected jellyfish will disappear, while the other numbered jellyfish continue to be dropped from the top. This puzzle game will be a good practice for children to make quick calculation, making them more excited in the process of learning and playing.

The game could be played with 2 players, suitable for family or friends.

Guess the Country Flags

The game “Guess the Country Flags” helps children to remember the pictures of flags and capitals of 193 countries around the world. The question including the name of Country and Capital will be displayed on the world map, the task is to choose 1 out of the 4 answers given as pictures of national flags corresponding to the name of the country.

What time is it?

In this game, the kids will choose 1 correct answer from among the given answers. This game helps them learn how to read a clock.

What color are the letter?

Recognize color of the letters by choosing one correct answer from among the given answers. This game encourages the kids to be accurate and fast. Suitable for children of preschool age.

More information about Learning in the Japanese way:

Price: 10,000VND / month. Free of charge for the first month for first-time user

Device: MyTV remote control, Game console

How to play: Play alone or Compete