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An unprecedented hot deal for Cloud Game subscribers – an exclusive entertainment service on MyTV. This is an unique promotion for those who love and want to experience an wholesome entertainment channel on Cloud Game for the brain.

The program officially starts from April 15, 2019 and is eligible to all packages on Cloud Game: Family, Learning in Japanese way and Brainy Game. New subscriber of MyTV nationwide will be eligible to play any Cloud Game package for free for 6 months and the fee will be automatically charged from the 7th month onwards.

After 3 years of launching with hundreds of Japanese copyrighted games, Cloud Game is constantly innovating and improving to meet the diverse entertainment needs of audience. In 2018, Cloud Game launched 2 new packages: Learning in Japanese way and Brainy Games. These are two game packages specialized for education to enhance the knowledge, the agility and thinking ability for children when entertaining. While Brainy Games is a collection of multiple-choice questions to help children practice knowledge in all subjects such as Math, Vietnamese, English or Science from grade 1 to grade 9, then Learning in Japanese way helps children under 10 practice the ability of thinking, memorizing and differentiating in 4 topics: Multiplication to 10, What color are the letters?, Flag of the countries, What time is it?

A wholesome and rewarding playground as Cloud Game is an indispensable choice for the entertainment for all families. Cloud Game’s unprecedented promotion program is a golden opportunity for audiences to experience the unique content that is only available on MyTV.