Archimedes Academy primary school officially implement VNPT's Smart Education solution

After 3 semesters using VNPT’s smart classroom model (SmartEdu) and receiving positive feedback from teachers and students and the support from parents, Archimedes Academy Primary School has been implemented since the school year. 2019-2020.

This is one of the first schools in Hanoi to apply a smart education model to teaching and learning activities at the school, in order to create a modern learning environment and increase interaction between teachers and students and stimulate children’s creative thinking. This model has been applied very successfully in many schools in Japan. Currently, VNPT is cooperating with NTT (Japan) to deploy SmartEdu model in schools nationwide with the hope of bringing a completely new and attractive learning experience to students.

According to Ms. Hoang Ngoc An – a fourth-grade teacher of Archimedes Primary School who participated in the Smart Education trial in recent years, SmartEdu model enable students to interact more frequently with teachers and classmates. This creates more excitement for students in each lesson, especially those with audios and videos that help them understand more easily and stimulate their ability to explore and memorize. Besides deeper understanding, the new learning model also promotes creativity, thinking ability, teamwork and other necessary skills.

A smart classroom will be fully equipped with interactive boards, computers and tablets connected to the Wi-Fi networks. Because the solution is cloud-based, the lectures can be created, stored easily and quickly shared between teachers ‘computers and students’ tablets and interactive boards.

Teachers can create teaching materials on the digital canvas with picture or video, then save and share them within the school or other schools. In particular, a feature that is helpful to many teachers and students is that the teacher can observe and follow the student’s performance and the students can finish all the tests in the classroom without having to take them home like the previous paper test. In addition, the test results will be updated quickly and automatically.

“Teachers really like the testing function. In almost every lessons, teachers can use this function to check quickly and effectively, while also stimulating student’s interest because they will be able to see their results immediately, and to see the correct answers. On those lessons, teachers can always correct the wrong answers and students can learn from experiences, ”said An.

Thanks to the use of smart classroom models, each class becomes exciting for both students and teachers to participate.

Recognizing the benefits of this model, Archimedes Academy Primary School has officially implemented 05 smart classrooms from August 15, 2019. The subjects taught in this program include Math, Science, English … as well as other subjects depending on the school’s need. The implementation roadmap will be divided into two phases, including the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year and the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.