Smart education model: the foundation for global citizen education

SmartEdu model with its flexibility could help teachers and students overcome the limits of regular classroom lessons, in order to put students in the central role and with teachers as their supporters.

Physical lessons are replaced with digital ones

Accordingly, students are encouraged to develop their self-study & teamwork skills to become global citizens. However, the most important foundation for building smart classroom models does not only stop at the ICT platform – information and communication technology but also depends a lot on human resources.

Last school year, in order to prepare for Week 33’s review of Geography for the 5th graders, instead of the traditional lesson plan, Ms. Ngo Thi Ngoc Tuyet – Teacher of Tran Cao Van Primary School (Thanh Khe District, City Da Nang) has prepared digital lesson scenarios, which is hosted on a cloud platform and carried out in a digital environment with an interactive board, PC and tablets. Each student in the classroom is equipped with a tablet connected to the teacher’s computer and an interactive board. To remind the students what they have learned about countries and continents in the world, the teacher asked them to connect the names of the countries to their correct continent. Students have 15 seconds to complete this task on their personal tablets.

After 15 seconds, the teacher locks the screen and opens the student’s handouts on her computer to correct the lesson. In the classrooms, students exchange tablets for each other to correct their peers’ mistakes. In addition to a number of multiple-choice exercises, the students are also very excited to play the game of finishing a jigsaw of the Earth image on their tablets. From a comparison of satellite images taken of the Earth in 1978 and in 2017, students understand the impact as well as propose solutions to protect the environment.

After receiving the Smart Class equipment provided by VNPT and NTT Vietnam, from March 2019, Tran Cao Van Primary School has conducted a trial of Smart Education solution in 6 classes of grades 3 – 4 – 5. With the solution, all activities from interactive teaching, to homework, checking assignments, sending documents, receiving feedback from students can be operated on the devices. Each student only needs one connected device such as tablet or smartphone to easily access the lessons. Thanks to the new technology, teaching and learning become much more convenient for teachers and students.

Ms. Tran Minh Tam – Vice Principal of Tran Can Van Primary School: “Smart educational solution is suitable for subjects such as Social Nature, History, Geography, and Mathematics. This is considered as an application model of the most advanced technologies for learning and teaching, helping the lectures become lively, interesting, and stimulating students’ interest in learning. Teachers can also design many types of exercises for students such as multiple-choice exercises, games…”