MOP & OCG provide videos of lessons and trainings for Vietnamese people

From May 8, 2019, Media Opus Inc (MOP) officially cooperated with OCG Technology Joint Stock Company (OCG) in providing the service “Media Opus Contents + Vietnamese Language Pack”. This provides videos of lectures, seminars and trainings specially tailored to Vietnamese culture. It uses the strengths of video to support Vietnamese staff, interns, and international students in studying.

About MOP

MOP was established on January 4, 2017, officially put into operation on February 1. MOP is a technology company based on study science: “Media Opus Contents +” (a video production service, learning content web for test prep centers, universities, publishers and companies in general) and Media Opus Knowledge + (provides consulting services, data science for learning built based on the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning method (intensive learning …) From its inception up to now, MOP has used “Media Opus Contents +” to edit and produce 18,659 lecture / seminar / training videos of schools, universities, publishers, and companies in general (figures are from February 2017 to March 2019). The demand for video production for Vietnamese employees, interns and international students is increasing every year.

From left to right: Ms. Ly – OCG, Mr. Marubayashi – MOP, Mr. Tuan – OCG, Mr. Fukui-MOP, Mr. Maegawa – OCG

OCG’s office

MOP commits to produce high-quality videos at affordable prices for lectures, seminars and training from publishers, universities and companies. Japanese subtitles and Vietnamese subtitles are included with each video produced. In case there is a need for additional information of Vietnamese culture, they will be displayed in Japanese and Vietnamese in the form of telops.

Features of “Media Opus Content +”

  • Supports the planning and testing of video production learning process.

With the video production experience accumulated from a lot of areas, MOP supports video production from planning and research so that learners can produce high-quality videos without special studio requirements and without the need for professional cameraman.

  • Produce high quality video.

In MOP video production, through production control, labor allocation and data science-based innovation, we not only make the right adjustments to the customer, but also deliver quality improvements and shorten delivery time with mass production system.

  • Using artificial intelligence to produce subtitles and support Vietnamese.

Produce effective subtitles using the MOP AI “Smart Subtitles”. Software “Smart Subtitles” MOP AI allows the production of subtitles, Japanese and Vietnamese telops effectively. In addition, the production and validation of Vietnamese subtitle data and confirmation of additional information based on Vietnamese culture are handled by OCG company’s staff under the supervision of the Japanese side.

Sound in this service is required to be clear. So if the sound is from the microphone, the input sound source must be captured by attaching a one-way microphone to the IC recorder. We also offer services like shooting subtitles on existing images. Audio files must have a minimum sampling frequency of 16,000Hz.

Service fee of “Media Opus Contents + Vietnamese language pack”

  • Video editing fee:

Japanese video editing and Vietnamese video editing based on Japanese video editing.

Media Opus Contents + 10 minutes – Japanese version: 10,000 yen

+ 10 minutes – Vietnamese version: 8,000 yen.

                                                     Ví dụ về video tiếng Nhật

                                                  Example of Vietnamese video

  • Subtitles production fee:

Japanese subtitle production and Vietnamese subtitles based on Japanese subtitles.

Media Opus Contents + 『Smart Subtitles』 10 minutes – 3,000 yen for Japanese subtitles, or Vietnamese subtitles.

+ Translate from Japanese subtitle to Vietnamese subtitle: 1 character – 1.9 Yen.

+ Translate slides from Japanese to Vietnamese: 1 character – 1.9 Yen. Slide data is produced using software used for video.

+ Natives edit subtitles, slides and the entire image.

+ Editing by natives: 1 minute – 100 yen.

Note: The cost of these services is given on the assumption that the work is copyrighted. Subtitles for translation costs may vary depending on difficulty level and document delivery date. The above fees do not include VAT.

Contact information:

Media Media Opus Plus Inc.


Headquarters: Osaka

Representative Director: Katsutoshi Takemori

Point of contact: Takase / Fukui

Phone: 06-6396-8540 (Receiving time: weekdays from 13 PM to 21 PM) Email:


OCG Technology Joint Stock Company


Address: Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chief operations officer: Pham Minh Tuan.

Point of contact: Nguyen Thi Phuong