OCG provides payment support platform – multi QR codes connection

Online payment on mobile devices is becoming a new trend in Vietnamese shopping habits. A variety of mobile payment solutions had been created to meet the demand of users. Facing the new challenges trend in the payment sector, OCG Technology Joint Stock Company provides a payment support facility to connect easily and conveniently without having to use cash or card. This is a cross-platform adaptive utility solution that allows stores, property owners or customers to pay quickly and conveniently.

The blossoming trend of electronic payments

VNPAY – The company of leading payment solution

Payment by mobile devices is considered an inevitable trend in the era of technology boom. With the rate of using mobile devices accounting for nearly 70% of the total population, the mobile payment market is considered a promising market in Vietnam. Although it has only appeared for more than 10 years, mobile payment has really blossomed and quickly dominates the payment market, especially in the form of scanning QR codes. (quick response code). More and more businesses, intermediaries are participating in providing intermediary payment services with typical applications such as MoMo of M_Service and QR Pay of VNPAY …

The diversity also means that each e-commerce website, restaurant, coffee shop or taxi company can apply one or even several different QR payment codes to serve customers. Therefore, customers cannot use one mobile payment application to make payment at all stores … These restrictions significantly affect consumer psychology.

OCG’s Multi QR code payment support solution

Understanding the existing limitations of current mobile payment solutions, OCG Technology Joint Stock Company launches cross-platform adaptive payment support utility solution to bring maximum convenience to users.

This solution is compatible with many payment applications of intermediaries, simplifying the trend of non-cash payments. In the past, businesses had to equip at least one or even three to four different payment QR codes to serve customers but now with our cross-platform adaptive payment support, OCG has completely resolved this inadequacy. With this solution of OCG, businesses only need to own a single application where customers using mobile banking applications of banks, or VNPT Pay … can scan QR codes and make payments easily.

OCG cooperates with VNPT Pay to expand mobile payment points nationwide!

Non-cash payments or payment on mobile devices by scanning QR codes that already possess many preeminent features are now even more advanced with the emergence of cross-platform adaptive payment support solutions of the OCG. Therefore, users can enjoy a more complete experience from mobile payment methods.

OCG Technology Joint Stock company is currently cooperating with many partners who are payment intermediaries such as VNPay or VNPT Pay to expand mobile payment points nationwide in order to bring practical benefits to consumers and businesses.