J-Smartedu smart class at Ngo Thoi Nhiem school (Binh Duong)

After one semester using the Smart Class solutions and realizing its many positive effects, Vietnam Technology & Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (VNTT) collaborates with NTTe-Asia Company (Japan) to officially commercialize and launch the Smart Classroom (J-Smart Edu) model starting from the beginning of the school year 2020-2021.

Lessons become more exciting and interesting.
– Students become more attentive to the lesson
– Students gets to be more creative and active.
– Teachers can create lesson, review student’s answers and score directly on the solution

Those are the positive comments towards the Smart Class solution from the teacher after the trial has finished.

What is Smart Class?

Smart Class is a new trend in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 towards the application of IT in education and training. This model has been applied in many advanced countries and has brought about certain positive effects.

In Vietnam, the new Smart Class model is gradually being applied to each school and has become a useful tool to innovate teaching and learning methods, enhance interaction between students in class, and stimulate the students’ inherent creativity as well as motivate teachers to have new ideas for their lessons.

The first class in the Smart Classroom after the opening ceremony

In an atmosphere of joy and excitement to welcome the new school year, the teachers and students of Ngo Thoi Nhiem School are very happy and excited to teach and learn with the J-Smart Edu model from Japan. They also have high expectations for the positive results they might achieve during this school year.


  • Interesting lesson with vivid visuals
  • Students can practice their computer skills, give presentations and team work directly in class
  • Teachers can save time and effort by being able to directly observe students’ answer on the interactive screen, as well as export students’ results to Excel files.
  • The solution provides many tools for teachers to create lessons, utilizing the modern ICT equipment in the class.
  • Modern teaching methods combined with traditional one make it easier for teachers and students to connect, discuss and share ideas.
  • Teachers can assign homework or test to individual students or groups of students. They can also share their lessons with their colleagues or teachers from other schools within the city.

After the trial at Ngo Thoi Nhiem School, the J-SmartEdu VNTT model provider confirmed that it will make efforts to spread the model to other elementary, junior high and high schools in Binh Duong and neighboring provinces.

Students work together to do group exercises on the iPad screen

Besides Ngo Thoi Nhiem school, the new educational model is expected to be one of the activities of the Education and Training sector, contributing to the Smart City plan of Binh Duong province.