Expansion of Smart class model at Archimedes school

SmartEdu is an educational product developed by NTTe-Asia Company (Japan) and cooperated with Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group – VNPT to provide for primary schools in Vietnam.

The model has been officially applied at Archimedes Academy Primary School (Truong Cong Giai Campus) since September 2019 for teachers and nearly 600 students of grades 3, 4, and 5 on subjects such as Math, Science, Geography etc …

Realizing that the SmartEdu model is a solution to improve IT capabilities and innovation in teaching as well as a prerequisite step in the digital transformation process, Archimedes School’s leaders decided to extend the application of Smart Classroom Model to Dong Anh Campus from October 2020.

Archimedes School (Dong Anh campus, Hanoi)

On September 24, 2020, OCG Technology Joint Stock Company cooperated with VNPT Vinaphone Hanoi Business Center to organize training courses for the Board of Directors and teachers of Archimedes School (Dong Anh campus). The application of Smart Classroom model in teaching is to renovate teaching and learning methods, create active learner-centered lessons, and develop students’ creativity.

Training teachers to use SmartEdu solution
Instructing teachers to use SmartEdu to prepare lesson plans
Teachers participate in composing and testing an hour of study in the model of Smart Class – SmartEdu

In the school year 2020-2021, the Archimedes School (Dong Anh campus) will initially deploy and introduce SmartEdu for teachers and students of Grade 3 with more than 230 students. Together with Truong Cong Giai Campus, Dong Anh campus will apply this model in the next school years and further expand to other grades.