SmartEdu Classroom model paticipated Education Forum & School Exhibition 4.0

On November 21, 2020, “Education Forum and School Exhibition 4.0” took place in Hanoi.

The event is organized by the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges; Vietnam Internet Association and BHub Group, including a series of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, open stage, business connection. With the theme “Developing Education 4.0 in accordance with Vietnam’s reality”, EDU4.0 in 2020 recognized the participation of more than 500 participants directly from more than 30 provinces, cities and from national organizations. working in Vietnam. This is the first large-scale event in Vietnam on transforming the number of educational sectors combined with the school exhibition 4.0 with the participation of many related agencies and departments at the same time.

The SmartEdu Classroom model (a cooperation product between VNPT and NTT Japan) of VnEdu 4.0 ecosystem is an outstanding solution in the exhibition.

The booth has attracted the attention of the delegates to the event, who especially were extremely excited to participate in the smart classroom experience as a student. With  preeminent features and can be said to be “unique” in the Vietnamese market at the present time, such as direct grading check, teachers control students’ work through the “Display Show answers ”, students actively work on Ipad with many useful tools, math and science learning materials with rich content …

Lecture on how to read the time on the clock with visual vision

The booth about VNPT’s vnEdu 4.0 educational ecosystem displayed a simulation of an actual classroom with the teacher’s interactive board, teacher laptop and student’s iPad.

The SmartEdu Classroom model offers direct interactive lessons, teachers send assignments and mark papers right on the interactive board after students finish.

The SmartEdu Classroom solution was developed and widely popularized in Japan many years ago and continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of teachers – students, becoming a useful tool to support lessons for primary and secondary schools … of Vietnam. Catching with the attention of a large number of leaders and staff of the Department of Education, representatives from public and private schools … at “Education Forum and school exhibition 4.0”, the model VNPT Smart Edu promises to be the solution to building models of smart schools, smart classrooms of many provinces in Vietnam in the near future.