OCG Esports joined Vietnam Recreational and electronic Sport Association – VIRESA

OCG eSports is the newest business of the OCG company to enter the billion dollar eSports market.

From small competitions at internet cafes to major national tournaments, more and more famous players in the international arena, the eSports market in Vietnam has seen great strides over the past 20 years. Recently, domestic and international businesses are also pouring more and more money into the eSports field. As a technology enterprise with new products and services taking advantage of Japanese technology, OCG is not out of the game. OCG eSports is the first step in bringing OCG into this vast, challenging playing field. With the strength of relationships and resources from Japan, a world famous country in the game industry, OCG eSport will act as a bridge between the two eSports industries of Vietnam and Japan, promising appointment brings many surprises and interesting combinations from 2 countries. Besides, OCG eSports is also proud to become an official member of Vietnam Recreational And Electronic Sport Association – VIRESA. The association was established under Decision No. 42 / QD-BNV dated January 13, 2009 of the Minister of Home Affairs.

OCG eSports and other members of VIRESA in a meeting at their office.

As a member of VIRESA, OCG eSports aims to fulfill the task of orientating, organizing and developing e-Sports and recreational sports in accordance with the true nature of sports, thereby forming a healthy playing field as well as an environment that helps those who love this sport to compete and entertain, creating the growing electronic sports and entertainment movement in Vietnam increasingly developing, following the direction and strategy development of sports in Vietnam.

Website: http://viresa.org.vn/