OCG starts the functional verification of AI-OCR "DX Suite" for providing the service in Vietnam

OCG Technology and AI inside agreed to cooperate in AI field in Vietnam

OCG Technology JSC(Head Office:Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam, CEO Shunichi Kondo, hereafter “OCG”)and AI inside Inc. (Head Office : Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO Taku Tokuchi, hereafter “AI inside”) which is providing AI-OCR service equipped with proprietary “character recognition AI” agreed to cooperate in improving the accuracy and implementing the functional verification for Vietnamese handwritten characters to provide AI-OCR, “DX Suite” in Vietnamese market.


In Japan NTT East Corporation (hereafter “NTT East”) is cooperating with AI inside and providing “AI Yomitoru1”, handwritten form data conversion service. The target of NTT East is to reduce clerical work time and promote productivity improvement of companies and local governments by digitizing paper forms. “AI Yomitoru” is used by varieties of customers in Japan regardless of industry or region and contributes to improving the productivity of companies and local governments. Utilizing these abundant achievements and experiences in Japan, OCG, group company of NTT East, will collect the handwritten learning data and needs in Vietnam, support to improve the accuracy and implement functional verification.  AI inside will get the feedback from OCG and develop to improve the recognition accuracy and user experiences.  

 AI-OCR is the combination of OCR and AI technology. It is expected to improve the recognition accuracy by learning of AI. Being used by many users, “DX Suite” will store the learning data and continue to improve the recognition accuracy.

※1 “AI Yomitoru” is provided by NTT East and the OEM service of AI-OCR ”DX Suite”  provided by AI inside.

About “DX Suite”

“DX Suite” is AI-OCR service equipped with proprietary “character recognition AI” developed by AI inside. “DX Suite” is coding free and the setting is completed only by clicking. It reads the handwritten characters, which used to be very difficult to be read by OCR in the past, with high accuracy. It will make the data conversion tasks from manual to automatic.  It can read Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese characters. As of the end of September, 2020, “DX Suite” got more than 12,700 contracts with the market share of 64% 2 in Japan and contributes to DX conversion and improving the productivity for variety of organizations.

2 Source : Report  (Published in Feb 2020) of “Market Dynamics of OCR Solution expanding with AI OCR,” Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd

Product site(Japanese):https://dx-suite.com/

Product site(Global):https://dx-suite.com/global/lp/

Comments from both companies

OCG Technology JSCCEOShunichi Kondo

As a group company of NTT East, OCG as a Vietnamese company, has the mission to bring the successful business model from Japan and contributes to the development of Vietnamese society. Same as Japan, there are many handwritten forms in Vietnam and this service will contribute to improve the productivity of companies and local governments in Vietnam. OCG is cooperating and supporting for localization and provides this service to Vietnamese market soon. We will start from trial users, get feedback from them, and make more localizations. We will provide the commercial service in spring this year and aiming to support DX promotion in Vietnamese market.

AI inside Inc.(CEO:Taku Tokuchi)  

Under the mission of “By delivering the AI to human beings and the things, contribute to a prosperous future society” and the vision of “AI inside X”, we aim to realize the society that can benefit from AI without special consciousness.  In the past, we contributed to improving the productivity of companies and local governments through developing and providing “DX Suite” in Japan. Now we develop AI engine which can read foreign language and would contribute to companies and local governments all over the world. The cooperation with OCG has the big meaning as the first step for it. AI inside will develop more products which respond to varieties of user needs.


OCG Technology JSC

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