Learn N4 Japanese with digital curriculum “Nihongo Challenge N4” on the Goocus app

The Japanese textbook “Nihongo Challenge N4” of ASK Publishing House has been published for the Japanese language proficiency test. This is a very effective set of textbooks to help students add preparation for N4 Japanese proficiency test, including basic skills: Chinese characters (Kanji), Vocabulary (Kotoba), Grammar (Bunpo).

Different from the traditional method of study and practice by using printed books from up to now. Recently, the entire copyright of the Japanese book “Nihongo Challenge N4” has been localized and “Digitalized” on the Mobile Learning GOOCUS application. With the method of learning and practicing in the era of digital technology 4.0, with just a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop … with an internet connection, anywhere, anytime you are can study and practice effectively, conveniently, easily and fun with “Nihongo Challenge N4” on GOOCUS.

Friendly interface, easy to understand, easy to use (web interface)

Eye-catching interface, easy-to-read text, clear chapter-section layout (interface on mobile App)

The types of practice exercises for grammar, reading comprehension and vocabulary are Vietnamized

The form of practice questions is plentiful with the knowledge closely following the Japanese language proficiency test. Right after the student submit their answers, the system shows the correct one.

The knowledge review test and the final test of the course, the system will automatically grade and synthesize the results to send to the teacher.