JEF e-Sport event between Vietnam – Japan successfully ended

Held from March 13 to March 21, 2021, the Japan E-Sport Festival (JEF) event has ended successfully. It kept many beautiful memories in the hearts of gamers and audiences.

The Japan E-Sport Festival (JEF) is an event organized by OCG (a joint venture between NTT e-Asia and VMG – a company established by VNPT Group) in coordination with partners such as AEONMALL Vietnam, VNPT Group, VMG Company and OTA Network.

The event was taken place from March 13 to March 21 with 3 main contents: Toc Chien Tournament for Creators, Show match PES 2021 Vietnam – Japan event and TV Show experience at AEON MALL Ha Dong with Nang and Binh Be. At the Toc Chien Creators Cup Tournament, with the participation of 8 Creators teams, including: Be Chanh, Dk Khi, Anh Ma, MSuong, Nang, Ha An Hy, Keo Rank TV and Dang YM. The final match of this exchange tournament took place between the two teams Be Chanh and Anh Ma. After a Bo5 match, Anh Ma team won a convincing 3-0 to win the championship, followed by Be Chanh, DK Khi and Dang YM.

At Show match PES 2021 Vietnam – Japan, two Vietnamese representatives, Quan Bi and Quang Barca from Box Gaming, had the opportunity to meet with two Japanese representatives, YUTAM and MARSAN from Team HYDE. There are matches with 2 formats 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2. In the first match, player Quan Bi drew player YUTAM with the score 2-2. However, with the excellent focus from Quan Bi and Quang Barca, the Vietnamese players won convincingly to the Japanese players in the following matches with scores of 2-1, 3-2, 4-2 and 2-0.

When being interviewed, the YUTAM player shared, “I am very excited to play with the Vietnam team today. Your team is very strong ”

At the TV Show experience event at AEON MALL Ha Dong, Nang and Binh Be had 2 extremely exciting days at AEON MALL Ha Dong. 2 creators have competed to better understand Japanese culture, food, people. On the second day of experience, both were challenged on the SUPER HUGE SCREEN of AEON MALL Ha Dong. Victory was named Binh Be after successfully overcoming the challenges although sometimes Nang was going to touch to the victory.

The tournament has officially ended successfully, leaving many beautiful memories in the hearts of both players and audiences. Hopefully in the future there will be more playgrounds, opportunities to play in an attractive for gamers, towards a healthy community that is increasingly developing. After the above events and show matches, audience should not miss doing small surveys from the Organizing Committee thanks to that survey you can have the opportunity to receive valuable gifts such as PS4 console, gamepad, key chains, phone holders … through the JEF lucky draw program.

You will have the opportunity to win these valuable gifts.

All details about the events as well as the lucky draw program of JEF, audience can find out at: