Information Technology Day of education sector in Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh Districts

Digital transformation will help the Education and Training sector shorten all gaps and now VNPT is a leader in the field of digital transformation in the Education sector.

On March 27, 2021, the Education Office of both Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City held “Information Technology Day”. The festival took place extremely excitingly with many new and useful experiences of teachers and students with VNPT Smart Edu – a serving educational digital transformation product of VNPT & NTT Japan (this solution is now operated by OCG – a subsidiary of NTT eAsia).

After experiencing the service, the students interviewed all liked the educational method of VNPT Smart Edu because they interacted directly with teachers and students right inside the lesson, real time in the classroom through technology devices connected to Internet such as: Interactive Touch Board for teachers, tablets for students. Students can express their opinions through the tablet, they can search information directly from the Internet in the class to update their knowledge, discuss and study together. Thanks to that, each lesson will bring excitement, creative thinking and problem solving way for each assignment from the teacher. For teachers, preparing-teaching on the SmartEdu platform will cut most of the time to write on the board, students reduce the time to take notes, but understand the lesson more deeply through independent thinking and visual learning through digitized documents.

Students in Ba Dinh district eagerly practice the exercises directly on the iPad

Also within the framework of the “5th ICT Festival”, representatives of VNPT Solutions Department, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai and Mr. Shunichi Kondo – Director of OCG technology company, delivered a speech sharing about modern educational solutions that VNPT is providing schools across the country and experience in implementing ICT education in Japan.

Successful digital transformation is not only good for the education sector but also to the successful implementation of the digital nation transforming program. This is an opportunity for Vietnam to catch up and close the gap with developed countries in the world.

With the mission of dedicating to the education industry of the country to catch up with the digital transformation and education era 4.0, the smart classroom solution VNPT SmartEdu will be the first fundamental step in innovating teaching and learning methods according to the digital conversion goal.

In the coming time, VNPT will make efforts to coordinate with the Hanoi Department of Education to bring the VNPT SmartEdu smart classroom solution to schools for step by step applying. It will replace the one-way teaching and learning methods through current blackboard and presentation-style lectures.