Introduction and implementation of VNPT Smartedu solution in Newton- Pascal education group

On 29/9/2021, the Board of Directors, Board of Administrators with teachers of Newton-Pascal Education Group participated in an introduction session of the VNPT Smart Edu platform.

Since its establishment with first Isaac-Newton school and 71 students in 2010, the group now has 5000 students, with 5 Isaac Newton schools and 1 Pascal school.

During the session, Ms. Nguyen Bich Dung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Newton-Pascal Education Group gave extremely positive opinions about the benefits that VNPT Smart Edu brings to teachers and students in terms of in-class lesson and online lesson conducted during COVID-19 lockdown.

The school representative said: “The interactive tools will help students better understand lesson content. Furthermore, with visual interactions, elementary school students, especially those with weaker abilities, can achieve the same level of comprehension as their classmates. In addition, Newton-Pascal is currently sharing a set of textbooks with unified lectures across the system, so the use of VNPT SmartEdu will help the whole system have a unified platform to share the same lecture repository.”

After this introduction, the school wishes to exchange and cooperate with VNPT SmartEdu solution team so that the solution will be soon deployed in schools belong to Newton-Pascal Education Group.