OutSystems training course for OCG developers

OutSystems is one of the low-code platforms for developing web and mobile applications from global software company Outsystems. By using this platform, developers no longer have to write thousand lines of code from scratch and can still easily create efficient applications. For businesses, deploying OutSystems has shown incredible efficiency compared to traditional programming, helping businesses respond quickly to market needs by low-maintenance and cost-effective products.

Therefore, starting from October 25, 2021, OCG has launched an OutSystems training course to equip our developers with skills for the most popular low-code platform. The course has a duration of 50 hours (44 hours of theory and 6 hours of test and practice). The goal of the course is that 100% of trainees have an overview of OutSystems, know how to use OutSystems to develop web applications and prepared to achieve OutSystems Associate Traditional Web Developer certificate in the near future. This is the basis for OCG to facilitate the implementation of projects on OutSystems to help customers optimize costs and shorten development time.

Mr. Dinh Huu Hoi – lecturer of the course. He has acquired the Expert Traditional Web Developer and Associate Reactive Developer certificates by OutSystems. In addition, he has 5 years of web programming experience and 3 years of programming experience with OutSystems.
OCG members actively discussed the topics of the lesson, participated in group practice activities and quizzes. Most of the members have had traditional programming experience, so it is not difficult for them to approach the new platform.
After a short time, the trainees already have a grasp of OutSystems, have the ability to use OutSystems to program web applications, ready to join OCG’s OutSystems projects. 100% of students have passed the graduation exam including 100 theory questions and mini project.

In the near future, OCG plans to expand the course widely to students and programmers outside the company who are interested in low-code solution. In particular, when participating in the course, students have the opportunity to be accepted as full-time employees at OCG, participate in low-code projects with Japanese partners to accumulate valuable experience in the field.