OCG launches Talent House, cooperates with KOL Thao Anh to search for content creators on social network services

Talent House aims to help content creators develop skills, build communities, deploy training programs, while connecting content creators with the most suitable brands on social networking platforms.

Recognized as a primary trend on social networking platforms, livestream (online video streaming) has become not just familiar but indispensable to our daily entertainment.

In recent years, streamer (live streamer) has also become a “career” chosen by many young people. In the era of increasingly modern technology and development, making money while being at home is no longer too difficult. “Streamer” is now considered to be a desirable online job.

KOL Thao Anh – a popular streamer on Facebook.

Livestream does not only help people stay connected to the society at large, but is also a source of income, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when all of us have to adjust ourselves to the “new normal”, which emphasizes the shift of nearly every daily activity such as studying, working, selling and communication to the online sphere.

Livestream is not just limited to the gaming community but also expands to other areas. Nowadays, companies also hire streamers during their big shopping event to attract viewers and customers. It is no longer a personal choice; many businesses today use live stream to provide customer service – a trend that was not predicted in the pre-pandemic era.

Evidently, livestreaming requires streamers to be really eloquent and knowledgeable in many fields to be able to handle different situations as well as requests from viewers.

Understanding these requirements, OCG Technology Joint Stock Company has developed Talent House – a training model to help potential candidate to perform live streams on different social networking platform.

KOL Thao Anh will accompany OCG in the Talent House project to seek and train young people with similar interests and passions in livestreaming job

This is a relatively new model in Vietnam. According to OCG representative, the company will select and sign contract with potential young people with the dedication to become a good live streamer.

To kick off the project, KOL Thao Anh will join OCG’s Talent House in the role of leading and training potential streamers. KOL Thao Anh has gained a lot of followers on social media platform, she will collaborate with OCG to search and train young people with similar interests and passions to grow further in the live streaming job.

Talent House project will not only be deployed by OCG in Vietnam but will also collaborate with Japanese partners in the international market, particularly in Japan to share useful live streaming experiences and skills.

More details at https://www.facebook.com/OCGeSports