Gen Z wannabe streamer makes his dream come true at OCG Talent House

Whether they have been working or are still in college, these young people all come to OCG Talent House with a shared dream of becoming professional streamers

A new perspective on streamer as a job

Nguyen Tien Nam is currently working and living in Hanoi. This 21-year-old boy dreamed of becoming a streamer ever since he was a student. Until recently, Tien Nam was still looking for a chance to give it a try. And then such an opportunity came when he learned about OCG and became one of the first streamers to join OCG Talent House.

For Nam, streamer is a serious and legitimate job. “People think being a streamer is easy and fun while in fact, you have to put a lot of thought into it and constantly refresh yourself so as not to become boring. And when you do something seriously, you can surely make a living out of it”, he said.

Nguyen Thi Nhung, a University of Civil Engineering student from Thai Binh, joined OCG Talent House by chance. When discussing with team members, Nhung realized that streamer is a serious job. She also finds streaming to be an area with great potential for development.

The first members of OCG Talent House with OCG’s leaders and KOL Thao Anh

No longer a regular gamer who plays simply to wind up after long hours of study, Nhung said that when she becomes a member of OCG Talent House, she will receive rigorous training to become a professional streamer.

We’re ready to give it a go!

For members of OCG Talent House, the path to realize their long-cherished dream of becoming a professional streamer has never been so close.

OCG Talent House has given Nguyen Tien Nam the opportunity at this field for the first time. The Gen Z boy did not hesitate to share his desire to establish his name in the field and that ambition requires him to try his best.

Sharing the same opinion, Nguyen Thi Nhung said that once participating in this project, she was determined to fulfil her responsibilities. Besides, the Civil Engineering student also expressed her wish to make a contribution to the industry.

OCG Talent House is a training model for young people with potential and skills to do livestream on social networking platform.

This is a relatively new model in Vietnam. According to OCG representative, the company will select and sign contract with potential young people with the dedication to become a good live streamer. And influencer Thao Anh has been accompanying OCG Talent House project to train and give direction to young people passionate to be become a streamer like Nam, Nhung… so that they can hone their skills and grow faster in the future.