Providing data annotation service for Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning

December 6, 2021

NTT e-Asia Corporation.

OCG Technology JSC

Providing data annotation service for Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning / 人工知能(AI)学習のためのアノテーションサービスの提供ついて

– Creating training data for AI with low costs to provide Japanese companies –

\NTT e-Asia Corporation (established in Tokyo, President Hiroshi Tanabe (hereinafter, NTT e-Asia)) and OCG Technology JSC※1 (established in Hanoi, CEO Shunichi Kondo (hereinafter, OCG)) coordinated to work with Vietnamese engineers and started providing annotation service to create training data for Artificial Intelligence with large volumes with low cost.

NTTイーアジア株式会社(東京都新宿区、代表取締役社長 田辺博(以下、NTTイーアジア))とOCG Technology JSC※1(ベトナム国ハノイ、CEO 近藤俊一(以下、OCG))はベトナムの技術者を使って、人工知能※2に学習させるための教師データを大量に作成するアノテーションを低コストで提供するサービスを開始します。

※1: A joint venture with Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), a state-owned telecommunications service provider in Vietnam.

※1:ベトナム国営の電気通信事業者Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group(以下VNPT)との合弁会社です。


1. Background and the purpose

 In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely applied in many fields and the demands are increasing dramatically.  To make AI smarter, it is necessary to provide large training data for the AI ​​to learn.

 To create the training data, persons need to attach the meaning to the data, such as picture images, and this process is called Data Annotation.

 For example, in order for the AI ​​to learn the pens, the human specifies the position of the pen in the image and AI needs to understand this kind of shape is the pens. Since there are many different types of pens and the appearances are different depending on the angles, it is necessary to provide the different types of training data as many as possible.

 To create the large training data, it needs a lot of manpower and this makes the costs high.

 NTT e-Asia provides the service of creating the training data by annotation with low costs through its subsidiary in Vietnam, OCG, the IT company, together with high-skilled technicians in Vietnam.  With this service, we can reduce 30% to 50% (Comparison at our companies) of the costs of creating the training data and this will contribute for spreading the AI more.






今回NTTイーアジアはベトナムのIT系子会社のOCGを通じて、ベトナムの若くて優秀な技術者を活用して、アノテーションによる教師データの作成を低コストで行うサービスを提供することとしました。 このサービスにより、従来のAIへ学習させるための教師データ作成コストを30%~50%削減(当社比)することが可能となり、AIの更なる普及に貢献したいと考えております。

2. Service overview

 Japanese companies that need the large training data for AI learning will provide raw image data for Annotation to NTT e-Asia and OCG will annotate utilizing the experienced Vietnamese operators in Hanoi and Japanese staffs are responsible for quality management.

 As the example below, the staff will circle a rectangle on the object to distinguish the object, perform the zoning to divide the area for each object, then the staff will cross check the performance results and after final inspection by Japanese staffs, will deliver the formatted data as required to the customer.


AI 学習用に教師データを大量に必要とする日本企業よりNTTイーアジアへアノテーション用の画像データを提供いただき、ハノイのOCGにおいて日本人スタッフによる品質管理の下、アノテーション業務の経験豊富なベトナム人オペレータがアノテーションを低コストで実施いたします。 下記の例のように、矩形で対象物を囲って物体を識別したり、対象物ごとに領域分割を行うセグメンテーションなどを実施し、オペレータ相互のクロスチェック及び日本人スタッフによる最終確認ののちにお客様に指定のフォーマットでデータを納品します。

Annotation implementation image example / アノテーション実施画像の例

3. Future plan

 Not only in the annotation field, we cooperate with high-skilled engineers in Vietnam to deploy and develop AI engines with lower costs than in Japan.

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