OutSystems is a low-code platform that provides tools that enable intuitive software development, through modeling and graphical interfaces, to help companies develop, deploy, and manage multi-channel businesses, thus paving a path way for technological enterprises.

What is low-code?  Low-code is software that automates the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in software development, to relieve the workload on developers. It is a software development approach that enables less manual coding and faster delivery of applications, allowing developers to create a complete software by simple drag-and-drop. Instead of manually writing thousands of lines of complex code, low-code platforms help developers build complete software quickly and intuitively with interfaces, connections, data, and logic. 

Benefits of using a low-code platform

Low-code is considered a software development revolution, one of the top 5 leading digital transformation trends in the world because of the extremely practical benefits that this platform brings to businesses in product development.

  • Visualization of operations
  • Helps programmers develop logical thinking and programming skills
  • Shorten software development time
  • Easily integrate with existing systems and create APIs for future applications
  • Modern structure, flexible, easy to expand
  • High security
  • Easy deployment

OutSystems course is suitable for you 

  • Final-year student or fresh graduate in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering
  • Have a basic background in programming, proficient in at least one programming language
  • Have a passion for learning about technology, want to catch up with the new technological trend.
  • Have a desire to improve professional qualifications, expand career opportunities
  • Speaking Japanese is an advantage

The benefits of completing the OutSystems course 

  • Strengthen your foundation and expand your knowledge of web programming
  • Gain practical project experience from senior mentors
  • Have insights into leading-edge OutSystems technology
  • Gain highly applicable skills in different positions of the Information Technology industry such as Programmer, Team leader, PM, System Architect, Solution Architect, Scrum Master
  • Become a valueable employee in the potential low-code human resource market

Have the opportunity to be a full-time employees at OCG Technology Joint Stock Companyparticipate in low-code projects with Japanese partner to accumulate valuable experiences during working progress. 

Estimated training time: March 22, 2022 – June 30, 2022 

Study time: Lessons hours  with a mentor (13:30 – 17:30 Monday, Wednesday, Fridayand self-study time includes reading documents and doing practical exercises.

Number of participants: 10 people 

Online –  Offline training 

Tuition: Free of charge 

Registration deadline: 31 March 2022 

Contact information 

Ms. Phuong Ha (0976 769 902)


Address: 7th floor, Vien Dong Building, 36 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Hanoi