September 20, 2022
OCG Technology JSC
Standard Units Supply Vietnam Company Limited

OCG Technology JSC※1 (Hanoi, Vietnam, CEO Shunichi Kondo hereinafter OCG), one of the related companies of NTT East Corporation, starts the software development support services in Vietnam using OutSystems, the low-code※2 development platform on September 20th.

As a first user, Standard Units Supply Vietnam Company Limited※3 (Hai Phong, Vietnam, General Director Satoshi Wakatsuki hereinafter SUS) starts using the service and jointly develop their sales support system with OCG.
※1:Joint Stock company in Vietnam between Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Vietnamese state-owned telecommunication company, and NTT e-Asia.
※2:Software development method using the GUI (Graphical User Interface) prepared on the development platform and very little coding required.
※3:One of the foreign group companies of SUS Corporation (Headquarters in Shizuoka, Japan) developing and manufacturing the mechanical equipment for FA (Factory Automation).  

1. Background and the purpose

Conventional system development starts from specification definitions from user requirements and function design, and then program description named coding, and finally modify the problem parts by testing and delivering to the clients. This process takes a long period of time not only for the development but also for the modification or addition of the functions after the operation.

OCG focuses on low-code development platforms and selects OutSystems, which is the leading position among the low-code platforms. Using the platform will increase the software development speed significantly. In addition, OCG realized more cost reduction by utilizing the excellent engineers in Vietnam.

The development method using the OutSystems platform is by combining the parts prepared in advance, visual operation with GUI from the function designing process, and very little coding is required. This will make possible the drastic reduction of development periods.

OCG already signed the license contract with OutSystems and is developing the systems for DX and training the engineers of OutSystems for Japanese companies including NTT East Corporation through NTT e-Asia. OCG starts providing this service to Japanese companies in Vietnam and as a first user, SUS signs the contract and jointly develops their sale supports systems with OCG.

2. Overview of the joint-development

SUS is used to manage customer information and negotiation records by using the files like Excel.

 This time, SUS will make the database for those data and OCG will make the prototype using the low-code platform of OutSystems to manage those data. 

 The sales staff of SUS will use the prototype and provide feedback on the usability to upgrade the system.

 OCG will develop the first version of the system and then OCG will train the engineers of SUS so that they can add the functions or improve the system by themselves with the support of OCG.

 From the middle of September to middle of the December will be the trial period and evaluate the system.

 Based on the evaluation, we will develop commercial systems.

3. The role of each company

OCG : Provide the development platform of OutSystems, developing the first version of the prototype system, designing, upgrading or adding the functions, and providing training of OutSystems for engineers of SUS.

SUS : Providing sales data for the prototype system, providing feedback from the sales staff, and sending the engineers to be trained.

4. Future plans

Not only for the sale support systems, but we will also consider the joint development for other fields of DX conversion. In addition, the same joint development will be considered with other Japanese companies and provide the services to Vietnamese companies.  By that means, we will contribute to DX conversion in Vietnam.


 OCG Technology JSC

Responsible person:Yamamoto, Kobayashi

Standard Units Supply Vietnam Company Limited.

Responsible person : Wakatsuki


■ OCG Technology JSC. Website

Talented Vietnamese engineers support the DX conversion of the companies with low costs

OCG was established in January 2016 as a joint venture company between the group company of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications, which is the State-owned telecommunication carrier in Vietnam, and NTT e-Asia.

OCG starts a business in Vietnam bringing IT services from Japan, such as educational systems using IT and online games for the fast-growing Vietnamese market.

Recently, OCG starts offshore software development or BPO utilizing their talented engineers in Vietnam and providing the services to Japanese companies aiming for DX conversion.

■ Standard Units Supply Vietnam Company Limited. Web site

From the establishment of the company, created a new market for aluminum products

SUS was established in June 1992 and since its establishment, has created a new world standard and the market for aluminum. SUS expanded the business in Japan and from 2001, they expanded the business overseas when they established the company in Thailand. SUS Vietnam is established in 2011 and since then, they manufacture and sale of aluminum machinery and unit products for FA.

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