OCG Technology JSC

November 24, 2022


NTT East Group affiliate OCG Technology JSC*1 (Hanoi, Vietnam, CEO Shunichi Kondo (hereafter, OCG)) and UNI-TY INC (Nishi-Ku, Osaka, CEO Masayuki Yamashita (hereafter, Unity)) will start providing an intellectual and educational game service for smartphones targeting children aged 3 to 15 through Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT), a Vietnamese state-owned telecommunications carrier, starting from November 24

※1:A joint stock company between VMG Media, a VNPT Group company, and NTT E-Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT East.

1. Background and the purpose

The mobile game market in Vietnam has at least 40 million game users, and nearly one in two people play mobile games. In addition, the average age of the nation is 31, and the largest population is in the age group of 25-29. This high ratio of working generation is the foundation of economic growth and midst of growing consumption, the number of children (under the age of 15) is approximately 22 million, 1.5 times the size of Japan.

However, there is a deep-rooted belief that parents do not want their children to play games because they believe that games are harmful. The reality was that there weren’t many mobile games for children in Vietnam.

On the other hand, as income levels rise, more and more families in Vietnam are buying educational toys and software that they can enjoy while learning and using them under the supervision of their parents. There is also a growing need for children to enjoy learning by adding game-like elements to their education.

This time, OCG, which is expanding cloud game and e-sports business in Vietnam, and Unity, which provides intellectual and educational games for smartphones in Japan, “Asonde Manabu! for School”, jointly launched an educational game for smartphones in the Vietnamese market. Using this service, children can learn while playing the game, and parents can limit the playtime of their children. The additional functions include parents limiting the playing time and viewing the play history, etc., which will make parents feel comfortable letting their children play games.

2. Service overview

The service will be provided to end users in Vietnam through VNPT Media, which provides content business in the VNPT Group.

<Service name> Digi-Game

<Service content> Educational game service targeting ages 3 to 15

<Service Features> Users can play free games or register for game plans with a fixed weekly or monthly fee to access the children’s game store and play.

Each game incorporates a variety of educational elements, such as training math skills, verbal skills, memory skills, and more. It also has a function that allows parents to set a time limit for their children to play every day so that parents feel comfortable letting their children play those games.  (

<How to use>        Download the smartphone application platform “Digi-Life”

provided by VNPT Media from the Apple Store or Google Play. Select and use the service in the app.

<Service start date> November 24, 2022

<Fee>         15,000 dongs per month (approximately 84 yen in Japanese yen*)

  5,000 dong per week (approximately 28 yen*)

* Currency exchange rate is 1 yen = 178 dong (rate as of November 17, 2022)


Google Play:

3. Roles of each company

OCG: Provision of Game Platform

Unity: Provision of game content and its localization for Vietnam

VNPT Media: Service provision to end users, fee collection

4. Future plans

In the future, we plan to add more Japanese game content on Dig-Game, and we also plan to add not only games to the platform but also Japanese animations for children.

<Inquiries regarding this matter>

OCG Technology JSC

Person in charge: Kondo


Unity Inc.

Person in charge: Yamashita


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