OCG: Enhancing Innovation and Technological Development with Robot Programming 2023

On the final round of the “Robot Programming 2023” competition for Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) students, held in Hanoi, Mr. Watanabe Akira, representing OCG Technology Company, joined the event as one of sponsors. The competition also saw the participation of representatives from Gunma University (Japan) and the PTIT, along with enthusiastic students.

The “Robot Programming 2023” competition is hosted by the Department of Electronics Engineering 1, PTIT. The competition provides a platform for students passionate about ROBOTICS to showcase their creativity and enthusiasm for researching and developing new technologies. It also encourages and motivates the student community in innovative learning and scientific research.

As a well-established technology company, OCG aims to support the development of the technology industry and encourage the creativity of young talents in Vietnam by sponsoring this competition. Moreover, OCG has established a long-term partnership with the PTIT and aims to promote cooperation and progress in technology education. We value the search for and development of talent, and the PTIT provides a fertile ground for nurturing potential in the field of robotics and other technological fields in general.

Furthermore, OCG’s contribution to the competition provides us with the opportunity to directly interact with talented students and identify potential individuals who could become members of our company in the future. With a significant number of alumni from the PTIT currently employed at OCG, this sponsorship exemplifies our commitment to supporting the institute and maintaining strong relationships with their students. Through our support for the “Robot Programming 2023” competition, we hope to encourage the establishment of a creative university environment for students, inspire them to pursue their passion in the field of robotics and contribute to the overall development of the technology industry.