With the desire to bring an emotional anniversary to O-Women, OCG has organized an event with many activities. From Happy-O-Surprise, Happy-O-Relax to Happy-O-Hour,… all activities received enthusiastic responses from employees. 

Full of surprises with Happy-O-Surprise

To surprise O-Women, O-Men prepared gifts and secretly brought them to O-Woman’s working desks the day before. The ladies were touched when they received this surprise gift box. With sparkling eyes, Ms. Truc Linh – Human Resources Executive shared: “The lovely gift made me extremely surprised. Thank you O-Men and OCG for the thoughtfulness you have given to O-Women.” 

Chill out with Happy-O-Relax

The special activity that OCG has reserved for O-Women is the moments of enjoying a relaxing massage with a wonderful lake view. Not only relaxing after a stressful working day, OCG women are also guided on how to take care of their health and build a reasonable work – rest schedule with the advice of experts and experienced doctors.

Many emotions with Happy-O-Hour

On October 19, 2023, the Happy-O-Hour event took place with the participation of special guests from NTT East and NTT e-Asia.

At this special event, the ladies took stunning photos with the beautiful photobooth, enjoyed ice cream with attentive service from OCG’s men. Besides, the O-Women were immersed in laughter mixed with happiness when listening to the first confessions from the O-Men. Towards the end of the event, the atmosphere became more and more exciting with creative fashion performances from the “new generation muses”. 

During the event, members born in October were congratulated on their birthdays and received meaningful gifts from the OCG’s Board of Directors. Hopefully, all the warmest and sweetest feelings that OCG gives to the ladies and October-born members will leave unforgettable memories in every OCGer.