Video content delivery

COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lock-down period have pushed many businesses to the edge, while at the same time, urge others to fundamentally undergo digital transformation and change their approach to customers. This shift is particularly evident in the educational sectors where video-based content delivery is becoming increasingly popular as a form of online teaching and learning. With a team of editors proficient in Japanese., OCG has consistently provided video editing services to Japanese educational firms aiming on a digital approach since early 2020

翻訳サービス / Japanese – Vietnamese translation service





以下は料金の一覧表となります。文字単価は内容やボリューム、納期、原稿形式などによっても変わります。見積もりのために原稿の1部をサンプルとしてお送りいただければ、 無料見積もりをお送りさせていただきます。

一般 (一般ビジネス文書、新聞記事、社内規定等)3円/文字~一般 (一般ビジネス文書、新聞記事、社内規定等) 8円/単語~
専門 (技術マニュアル、各種契約書、専門分野)5.5円/文字~専門 (技術マニュアル、各種契約書、専門分野)10円/単語~

With translation and interpretation as one of our core activities, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a trustworthy partner that provides high quality Japanese translation service.

Our translation is delivered meticulously and will be handled by native speakers (Vietnamese text will be proof-read by Vietnamese while Japanese text will be proof-read by Japanese).

Our priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in our service.

Vietnamese and Japanese translation is among the core activities of our company. Our wide network of translating collaborators with knowledge of different expertise will guarantee high-quality translation in any field of demand, including: economy, politics, social issues, general business, PR & marketing.

The translation fee is calculated based on the number of words in the original text and the unit price of translating a character. The unit price will vary depending on the content, volume, delivery date, document type, etc. Feel free to send us your document to get a quotation from us as soon as possible.

Japanese → Vietnamese translationVietnamese → Japanese translation
Translation TypeUnit priceTranslation TypeUnit price
General (General business documents, newspaper articles, company regulations)3 JPY/characterGeneral (General business documents, newspaper articles, company regulations)8 JPY/word
Professional (Technical manual, various contracts, specialized fields)5.5 JPY/characterProfessional (Technical manual, various contracts, specialized fields)10 JPY/word

通訳手配サービス / Interpreter arrangement service



勤務時間(標準は、08:00 ~ 17:00)及び通訳場所はお客様のご要望で調整いたします。


一般ビジネス (高度な技術、専門用語を要さないビジネス通訳)25,000円15,000円5,000円


Interpreter service available within Hanoi area.

N1 and N2 interpreter will be assigned depending on the difficulty of the task and the related expertise.

The working hours (standard hours: 08:00 to 17:00) and the place of interpretation will be adjusted according to the customer’s request.

In addition, please note that overtime allowance, daily allowance, transportation expenses, etc. may be incurred.

Japanese <=> Vietnamese interpretation
Type1 person/ 8 hours1 person/ 4 hoursOnline/1 hour
General business (Business areas that do not require understanding of technology or technical terms) 25,000JPY15,000JPY5,000JPY
Specialized fields, negotiations, seminars, conferences…35,000JPY20,000JPY8,000JPY

* Vietnamese person who speak Japanese fluently will be in charge of interpreting. Please contact us with location in Hanoi or online interpreting.

* Please provide Japanese documents in advance if possible.

* Prices base on the contents of customers.