OCG Talent House – A place to find and nurture young potential streamers

In recent years, streamer is gradually emerging as an attractive and profitable profession many young people. In fact, livestream (online video streaming) has been around for a long time in Vietnam, but it was only when the Internet and social networks became more widespread that “streamer” became as popular as it is nowadays.

Due to the popularity of livestream content in recent years, more businesses, especially entertainment or game companies want to conduct product promotion through streamer channels.

Recognizing this need, OCG has officially launched OCG Talent House, a model that search and train young people with potential and passion to become professional streamers in the future.

Activities of OCG’s Talent House include:

– Finding and training young talents with passion and qualities to become professional streamers – content creators; build community for streamers to develop their skills;

– Provide streamer with equipment, manage streamer’s activities and support streamer when negotiating – working with brands, ensuring maximum benefits for all parties;

– Connecting streamers and content creators to the most relevant brands and products on social networking platforms;

OCG also continues to cooperate with Japanese partners to deploy the Talent House model in the international market to expand cooperation and bring the most useful livestream experiences and skills to young people in Vietnam.