Quality product at affordable price

We had experience working on a variety of projects with local and international companies such as NTT Group (Japan) and VNPT Group (Vietnam)…, constantly satisfying the high standards and stringent requirements of big organizations. Our excellent quality is available at a reasonable cost.

Wide network of trustworthy partners

OCG has built a large network of reliable domestic and international partners since its founding in 2016, with an experienced team who has previously worked in large corporations in the field of ICT & Telecommunications. We are confident in our abilities to consult and assist global businesses in locating suitable partners capable of delivering products of great quality.

Innovative Technology

Our talented developers have thoroughly demonstrated their capacity of cutting-edge technology practice through a variety of ambitious projects: ranging from the development of a low-code software development platform (NTT Group) to the creation of an AI application in collaboration with VNPT- IT’s engineers.