OutSystems is one of the most intuitive low-code platforms available that enables, through modeling and graphical interfaces, companies to develop, deploy, and manage omnichannel enterprise applications, revolutionize technology businesses. Officially present in Japan in 2017, OutSystems has dominated the low-code market here and has become the solution favored and used by many Japanese businesses in the digital transformation process.

Benefits of Outsystem for businesses?

More and more businesses are realizing the business value of low code development platforms. Low code provides the technological flexibility for companies to quickly improve their products when programmers can automate a part of the work and focus on more important features. Faster rollout of new services will help improve customer experience as well as the company’s profit. 

In addition, businesses can be assured of the security and high integration of products developed using Outsystems platform. Low code products also have a fairly flexible structure, including both cloud and on-premise. It is also easier to maintain and upgrade compared to software made by traditional programming.

  •  More efficient development processes, reducing both development time and costs.
  • Shorten time-to-market.
  • Enables organizations to focus on innovation and respond faster to changing customer and market needs.
  • Reduced technical issues with more consistent compliance to security standards and requirements.
  • Ensure consistency in product structure and standards when outsourcing as the lessee and supplier both use the same development platform.

OCG and our advantages in implementing OutSystems service

As a subsidiary of NTT e-Asia under NTT Group – one of the leading corporations in Japan with extensive experience in implementing ICT projects, OCG has soon approached the low-code trend and realized the potential of low-code in revolutionizing global software development industry.

Therefore, OCG has officially provided a package of developing, installing and maintaining software on a low-code platform for customers with a focus on the Japanese market. This is where low-code trend is being popular with Outsystems platform dominating the low-code market.

With a technical team of OutSystems certified engineers and Japanese-speaking staff are great advantages for OCG when deploying and providing solutions built on OutSystems platform for Japanese partners looking for a supplier with competitive price and high efficiency. At the same time, we are also proud to be one of the leading enterprises in the relatively new low-code field in Vietnam, capable of supporting Vietnamese businesses that wants to experiment a new solution for the purpose of digital transformation. Our prospective customers also include companies wanting to learn from our experiences of implementing low-code projects. We also host free OutSystems training courses in order to raise awareness for developers about low-code trend as well as to find competitive candidates for our technical team.

OCG’s OutSystems service includes:

  • Consulting & product development: At the beginning of the project, OCG’s project planning and consulting team will make an in-depth analysis and evaluate the requirements to come up with a solution with the most suitable features to solve the business problem. Combining this analysis with our engineering team’s proficient OutSystem skills allows us to create web and mobile applications with clear functionality, beautiful interfaces, and high reliability.
  • Maintenance & Technical Support: After handing over the product, OCG’s team will continue to support customers in security issues or improve products if customers need to upgrade features. At the same time, we will also support customers to solve technical problems arising during usage.
  • Training: With a team of OutSystems certified and trained engineers including Expert Developer, Architecture Specialist, Tech Lead…, we continuously organize free OutSystems training courses for the developer community to help improve their skills. Students that have great training result can also have opportunities to join our staff.