What is Smart Edu?

SmartEdu – Smart classroom solution is a class support application (in-class and remote learning) built and developed by NTT Learning Japan.

SmartEdu allows teachers and students to engage in real-time connection on VNPT Cloud platform via a Wifi/Internet connection using terminal devices such as Interactive board to replace traditional blackboards.

How smart is Smart Edu?

  • SmartEdu incorporates essential features: Student can receive documents and complete exercises while teachers can send, score, and correct assignments student’s assignment in real time (in class or online) as well as conduct multiple-choice tests. The system also automatically generate test score and export results in MSExcel format.
  • Has a wide varierty of digital content such as Science videos, Geometry tool for Math lesson, etc.
  • Our server is hosted by VNPT Cloud Server in Vietnam, ensuring a stable and fast connection.
  • SmartEdu represents digital transformation from the traditional way of teaching to a more interactive environment for teacher and students to study and learn with the use of technology.

How can we use SmartEdu?

  • SmartEdu provide tools and function suitables to all subjects for students from Grade 1 – 12.
  • SmartEdu is being utilized in schools in several cities around Vietnam: Hanoi, Danang, Hue, Binh Duong.
  • SmartEdu is localized and operated in Vietnam  by OCG Technology JSC and distributed by VNPT to Vietnamese schools under the brand name of VNPT Smart Edu.

“VNPT SmartEdu is proud to be the solution that digitally transform teaching and learning approaches in Vietnam.”

Check http://smartedu.ocg.vn/ for more details